Iosif Nichita

I am a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and a music teacher that teach Piano, Accordion, Vocal, Conducting, Music Theory, Harmony, Composing, Improvisation. Also I am a piano tuner.


  Piano Professor

science 2015 - Present

for Pianists Seminar in Battleground, WA

Conducting, Theory and Harmony, and Composition Professor

science 2007 - Present

for Conductors' Seminar in Sacramento, CA also in Battleground, WA

Conducting and Piano Accompaniment Professor

from 1993 - Jun 2015

for Conductors' Seminar in Moldova

Conducting and Piano Accompaniment Professor

from May 2000 - Jul 2006
for Conductors' Seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia

Piano Accompaniment Professor

from Sep 1994 - May 1998
for Academy of Music, Theater, and Fine Arts in Chișinău, Moldova

Theory  and Piano Accompaniment Professor

from Jun 1997 - Aug 1997
for Brass Seminar in Brest, Belarus

Piano Accompaniment Professor

from Aug 1996 - Sep 1996
for Brass Seminar in Kursk, Russia

Piano Accompaniment Professor  

from Jun 1996 - Aug 1996
for Russian Folk Orchestra Seminar in Bălți, Moldova


Piano Accompaniment Professor

from Jun 1996 - Jun 1996
for Conductors' Seminar in Otradnoye, Russia

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